I’m so glad we have this chance to get to know each-oh wait that’s not how this works, is it?  Well thanks for visiting my blog.  Here’s a little bit about me:

Image: Me On The PCT
Me On The PCT

My name is Ryan Brewer and I am the Enliven Guy.   I am a trained chef, a photographer, a graphic designer and just an all around fun loving fellow.   I have created this blog to document my journey from “Big Man” to “Soccer Man”, or, in other words, from 264.6 lbs. to 171.6 lbs – my soccer weight.  But I intend to use this platform to talk about everything from cooking to sustainable living because The Enliven Guy is all about the  healthy lifestyle and that includes how our lifestyles effect our planet. #Gaia

I am 36 years old and originally from Tucson, Arizona (Bear Down!), but I am currently living in Apple Valley, CaliforniaI moved here in June 2014 after spending 6 years in Oakland! #Oaklandish

Towards the end of my stay in Oakland I wasn’t doing well at all.  I had fallen into a deep depression and all my energy, my will, my joy, MY CREATIVITY FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! It was all buried under a massive, foggy, tangled mess of self-loathing and confusion.  I basically didn’t leave my room for nearly a year; subsisting on my GrubHub options and Sana, my neighborhood liquor store. I didn’t really buy liquor though – I don’t usually drink by myself – but I did buy plenty of sugary drinks, candy bars, chips and various other convenience-store-level food stuffs.  This lifestyle catches up to you really quick and before I knew it I was the heaviest I had ever been in my life, almost 300 pounds!

I had to make a change.  I wasn’t pulling myself out of the funk. I needed help. Who you gonna call?  That’s right, you call dad.  I was 36 and I was calling my daddy for help.  That alone is a source of a few therapy sessions but it was the right decision. I was headed down a dark path, the kind that usually ends in death by suicide, death by drugs, or worse yet, the death of your soul and your creative spirit.  I’m pretty proud of myself for recognizing that my dusty, smoked out, disaster area of a room was never going to be the place where I learned to get busy living.  I got out of there in the nick of time.

Fast forward about 9 months later and you get me, here, writing about me.  And while this blog is about me and my journey to healthy living, it is also about all of you.  I was born to be of service and this is my first attempt to be of service to the whole wide world out there.  I’m no hero but I think I have some good information to offer and I hope to convey it here, on my blog, and here, on my YouTube channel.  I only hope you enjoy it; and if I may ask one favor of you before I close out this rather lengthy introduction: have fun!

Peace & Love